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Quality of Service

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Hari ini gw akan ngeposting hal-hal yang berhubungan dengan mata kuliah gw di kampus. Jadi daripada cuma disimpan di harddisk gw mending gw share di blog gw. Nah yang kali ini gw akan bahas adalah mengenai Quality of Service atau layanan kualitas (begitu kira-kira bahasa Indonesianya hehehe). Read More

Transport Layer

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Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) is a new relaiable, message oriented transport layer protocol. SCTP, however , is mostly designed for internet applications that have recently been introduced. Those new applications, such as IUA(ISDN over IP), M2UA and M3UA (telephony signaling), H.248(media gateway control), H323 (IP telephony), and SIP (IP telephony), need a more sophisticated service than TCP can provide. SCTP provides this enchanced performance and reliability. We briefly compare UDP, TCP, and SCTP. Read More